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When you are a travel enthusiast in India and you want to visit a spectacular location with nothing but a tent to live in, Dudhsagar is the place for you. The serene scene you wouldn’t want to miss – night under the waterfalls, with the sound of water hitting the deck.
We took the route of walking in railway track for about 14 km which is 6 hours journey. Walking in tracks is not as easy as walking on plain road. With legs trembling, the scenic beauty and the serenity of the place made me forget everything else.

There are tunnels on the way, train pass by when you walk. You have to be careful in the side walks inside tunnels. The place will be dark enough to see the pathway.

We travelled during the rainy days, suddenly by noon the path became very foggy we couldn’t see the next person it front of us, it was an amazing experience.

The scenic beauty on the way.


Few of the tunnels were very long and the walk inside them were thrilling and scary.

04-IMG_1157 05-IMG_1163

Half the way, we started noticing water falls scattered from here and there. We took rest at this beautiful and breathtaking place for a couple of minutes.The sound and breeze of the waterfall was invariably refreshing.


The closest view of the falls we got, on reaching Dudhsagar was that from a bridge .The second you see Mandovi river rumbling toward a 310 meters four-tiered waterfall your jaw will drop.


A day disconnected from usual life – no mails…no phone calls… no internet- just the trains, tracks, tent, streams.


Before we could settle for the tents and before the sun sets, we were gazing at the waterfalls for endless time, sitting on the bridge.

During the night we built a campfire which helped us to warm ourselves a little, took dinner in the dark with torches in one hand. Few people stayed back to pick some dinner for us, after a 6 hour walk you will definitely be exhausted and out of energy. At that moment food was insanely tasty !

Woke up early in the morning, before the sun rise and then walked on the tracks for a view point about a km away from the falls.

09-IMG_1328 10-IMG_1338

The sun rising and a train passing by the bridge and me there gazing at the falls in a spiritually rewarded moment of my travel.

Another brighter view of Dudhsagar!