Bharathi Mess

Triplicane ( also known as Thiruvallikeni) is one of the oldest places in Chennai. It is also the very busiest and densely populated area in city. It is very close to sea Bay of Bengal(Marina beach). Zam Bazaar — one of the oldest bazaars in the city, Amir Mahal, Parthasarathi temple are few major heritage sites here. Pycrofts Road aka Bharathi Salai is the heart of Triplicane. Triplicane is the bachelor’s paradise of chennai and when you think of food you think of Triplicane. Mess, Biryani Stalls, Idli Stalls and whatever the chaos is you find it here in this road.

Amidst all this chaos and confusion you could find Bharathi Mess in a corner of Pycrofts Road-Akbar Lane. The mess would be in the same level of the street and has got a small entrance. The place is very compact and neatly maintained. A house has been altered to mess with a kitchen at the ground floor and the first floor and eating place at the ground floor. In honoring Subramaniya Bharathyiar( a tamil poet who spent his final days in Triplicane near Parthasarathi temple) mess has got collections of bharathiyar’s writings and books on Bharathiyar by scholars in display.

Bharathi Mess entrance at Pycrofts Road – Akbar Lane

It’s a self service type mess and hence you got to decide what to eat before you enter mess and had to pay for it. And then we give bill at the food counter and they would provide a token to us so that when food is ready we could collect from them. The fun part is here — people fight for giving bill at the food counter and there is no proper discipline followed to do that. And when you go there, join the party. We get food in few minutes and here comes the next fun part — getting your table. It’s a round table without chairs and it could accomodate maximum three.

Lunch at Bharathi Mess – South Indian Meals

The mess has got a policy not to use Ajinomoto and baking soda ensuring to provide hygienic food to its customers. This doesn’t compromise them in providing tasty food and that too in fair price. If you ever gonna visit Chennai don’t miss to visit Triplicane and if you ever gonna visit Triplicane don’t miss to visit Bharathi mess. You would really enjoy this place and the food served here.


Vest Talkies

It was a period of drama when cinema was introduced to Tamils. Starting from there cinema had been in the veins of Tamil population. Movies were enjoyed to the core. Actors were celebrated more than their life. Movie theaters started consuming drama theaters which literally was the beginning of drama theater’s end.

Pudukkottai — a small town in Tamilnadu — was one of the princely states during the period British ruled India. The king of Pudukkottai enjoyed privileges for being loyal to the British. It was then in the 1935, Pudukkottai had its first movie theater. It was named Vest Talkies and owned by strong business man Chidambaram Chettiar who hailed from Rayavaram of Pudukkottai district. Vest talkies had seen many number of silver jubilees in the period it was active.

Vest Talkies 1955

Crowd in front of Vest Talkies . Silver Jubilee of movie Kanavane Kankanda Dheivam in the year 1955.

Cinema is a serious business. A storm hit Tamil cinema in 1990s. Movies were not doing good at box office. This resulted in affecting the theater business. Owners were not ready continue the business which was giving loss to them. Vest Talkies which remained the one of the identities of Pudukkottai was forced to close in the year 1998 due to the loss it did to the owners. People crossing the streets of theater would never miss the abandoned building which once was symbol of Pudukkottai’s pride.

Tamil cinema revived again doing good in box office in 2000s and theater business started flourishing on in the digital world. Movie making was much more easier in digital world. Marketing and promotion had become important in the business. After the emergence of social media, discussing about movies has become common among the people using social media. People started to give their view on movies before anyone seeking attention.

The owners of Vest talkies planned to resurrect the theater finding the situation for business is cool. A mall was constructed with theater and completed in 2015. Though it was not the same building that was before 17 years -the one which stood there for 60+ years — the name “Vest” rings bell among the locals.

Trivia — Popular super stars of Tamil cinema P.U.Chinnapa and Gemini Ganesan are from Pudukkottai

The Brand – “Couum”


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Water scarcity has begun early in India. Corporations and farmers have been guzzling surface water, groundwater levels have been reducing, and the amount of pollutants in water is increasingly rapidly, according to a new report by the World Resources Institute.

While the current situation looks quite grim, there is a possibility that it can get worse. Water supply is expected to fall 50% below demand by 2030.

Pic Courtesy:

Pic Courtesy:

Few months back I was pushed to stay and work from Pune. It is not that I am not fond of traveling to a place of foreign language. But I was not ready to work from there during that period. When I stayed there I used to take little walk around the city – just to feel it, for every city has got its own heart which I believe is what keeping it alive. And in my routine I came across the bridge constructed over a river -if I am right, river is named as Mula-Mutha river. It was saddening to see the river got polluted from the human wastes.

©Chalcophaps Journal River Couum from Park Town Flyover

©Chalcophaps Journal River Couum from Park Town Flyover

©Chalcophaps Journal River Couum - Periyar Bridge

©Chalcophaps Journal
River Couum – Periyar Bridge

Suddenly my thoughts went to the two prominent rivers of a Chennai – a city, my home  for past 10 years – River Cooum and River Adyar. Is this the fate of rivers in cities of India. I had read and seen pictures of these rivers being used for transportation and key resource for people lived here a few decades before. Why are we polluting them which is quenching our thirst and satisfying our needs, I keep wondering. But I cannot think of a genuine reason of why do we pollute.

©Chalcophaps Journal  River Couum - Condition of piers and jetties built behind Madras University

©Chalcophaps Journal
River Couum – Condition of piers and jetties built behind Madras University

©Chalcophaps Journal Wastes in River Adyar

©Chalcophaps Journal
Wastes in River Adyar

We keep hearing that government and corporation will take care of purifying, but never happens. Cleaning the rivers is not a time bound activity and it is a permanent process. The essential thing that should be done in first hand is providing awareness to the people of why these rivers are very much essential to us which later should become a people’s movement. We need our rivers, lakes, ponds and any other form of water resources for our generations to come – to stop the war … The War for Water.

©Chalcophaps Journal River Couum meets Bay of Bengal

©Chalcophaps Journal
River Couum meets Bay of Bengal

A walk on the tracks and gaze at the falls!


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When you are a travel enthusiast in India and you want to visit a spectacular location with nothing but a tent to live in, Dudhsagar is the place for you. The serene scene you wouldn’t want to miss – night under the waterfalls, with the sound of water hitting the deck.
We took the route of walking in railway track for about 14 km which is 6 hours journey. Walking in tracks is not as easy as walking on plain road. With legs trembling, the scenic beauty and the serenity of the place made me forget everything else.

There are tunnels on the way, train pass by when you walk. You have to be careful in the side walks inside tunnels. The place will be dark enough to see the pathway.

We travelled during the rainy days, suddenly by noon the path became very foggy we couldn’t see the next person it front of us, it was an amazing experience.

The scenic beauty on the way.


Few of the tunnels were very long and the walk inside them were thrilling and scary.

04-IMG_1157 05-IMG_1163

Half the way, we started noticing water falls scattered from here and there. We took rest at this beautiful and breathtaking place for a couple of minutes.The sound and breeze of the waterfall was invariably refreshing.


The closest view of the falls we got, on reaching Dudhsagar was that from a bridge .The second you see Mandovi river rumbling toward a 310 meters four-tiered waterfall your jaw will drop.


A day disconnected from usual life – no mails…no phone calls… no internet- just the trains, tracks, tent, streams.


Before we could settle for the tents and before the sun sets, we were gazing at the waterfalls for endless time, sitting on the bridge.

During the night we built a campfire which helped us to warm ourselves a little, took dinner in the dark with torches in one hand. Few people stayed back to pick some dinner for us, after a 6 hour walk you will definitely be exhausted and out of energy. At that moment food was insanely tasty !

Woke up early in the morning, before the sun rise and then walked on the tracks for a view point about a km away from the falls.

09-IMG_1328 10-IMG_1338

The sun rising and a train passing by the bridge and me there gazing at the falls in a spiritually rewarded moment of my travel.

Another brighter view of Dudhsagar!